Welcome to the knowledge sharing and learner support Groupsite for the exhibition: From Lucy to Language to a Culture of Enterprise and Innovation, part of the ESRC's Festival of Social Science.

At this time of climate change and concern about the adverse effects of human activity on the natural environment, the public in general, policy makers, students and managers of enterprises need to understand the nature of material culture and its evolution. Our exhibition is designed to show how social science contributes to this goal. Objects are a stimulating means of achieving this. Objects are at the very core of what it is to be human and integral to the networks of relationships we call communities, societies, organizations and enterprises. Rarely are social networks just that, they are, in actuality, sociotechnical. They are enabled and held together by invented and engineered artefacts. Every artefact, invention or artwork, or corporate brand logo, embodies an opportunity to learn about material culture, the social sciences that contribute to its understanding, and the enterprising and inventive people who shape it.

The exhibition, and a supporting seminar programme, will demonstrate refreshingly new and thought provoking insights into material culture gained through the social scientific endeavours of archaeology; anthropology, including anthropologies of technology and art; science and technology studies, and studies of entrepreneurship and innovation. Entry to the exhibition and seminar series is by appointment only. It is open to schools and colleges, individual organisations in the public and private sectors, and all university departments. Contact Prof. John Gowlett gowlett@liverpool.ac.uk or Peter Bond p.l.d.bond@liverpool.ac.uk



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Object Based Learning at Horniman Museum

Object Based Learning at UCL


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